Anna Karenina II

Levin and Kitty:

What a joy.

At last the former

loves his young boy.

It took the brightest shock around

To hit a tree upon that ground,

That farmed ground, on which Levin walked.

“Everything blazed, the whole earth caught fire

And the vault of the sky seemed to crack overhead.”

Levin replied, “My God, not on them!”

But what was the use?

Could these words really keep mom and son safe?

“He ran to the spot where they usually went,

But did not find them there.”

Where had they gone?

Could they really survive, mother holding child?

After time passes through the stormy air:

“‘Alive? Safe? Thank God!’ he said, splashing through…”

Oh Levin, you’re a good husband and father too.

“Today, after that fear during the thunderstorm,

I realized how much I love him,” Levin hath sworn

To his lovely wife, Kitty, who he doth adorn.

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