Rules of the Game – Renoir Film, 1939

What is just? What is a rule?

Meditating on morals; following faith.

Is this accomplished in Rules of the Game?


The adults are cheating, the adults are cheating!

What benefit does this serve society,

Who views this film and ranks it high

Among the greatest of all time?

A poor example is displayed

By these adults, they are not mature.

Nonetheless, who am I to say, to claim

That life is easy and that I know best?

For I know some, but not a lot

About temptations of adulthood.

To cheat on my spouse or get deep drunk

With other adults is something,

Something that I have not yet met

In my life of living single, like a pet

Of only God, yes, of God alone

(May it be noted I choose to be His pet).

I have no spouse I must think how to please.

Yea, I am a single, living in a sheltered home,

An Orthodox environment, not currently employed

In “the world,” where actions such as adultery

Are sadly justified,

Even by good, moral people, who know not the sin’s weight.

How often I forget, I forget, forget

I know little or nothing about the actual

Demonic presence of those spousal temptations.

Lord, have mercy!

When I view a movie,

Like this, so full of immorality,

I become so cynical and don’t see the daisies

And beauty in each character that is apparent

In little things they do, little things they say,

So many good things there, but I look away

Because I forget that the Lord’s mercy is great.

Lord, have mercy!

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