Jane Eyre II

How Do You Choose Your Way of Life?

Dear Jane,

The things you do are wonderful.

Nearly raising Adele, as well as other children,

May quite well be raising their souls from Hades,

For you are wonderful:

Your morals are pristine, as is your character.

Dear Jane,

You take the carriage down-road

To places, on your own,

Places you have yet to travel;

It is such a marvel.

A lady like you: full of trust.

Dear Jane,

Your love for your dear Edward

Is deep-rooted in Love.

Maybe he, too, might have been cast downward,

Had it not been for your truthfulness;

You are not too damn blunt,

But blunt just the right amount,

Yet, your sword remains sharp.

Dear Jane,

How do you do it?

Dear Jane,

What or Who or what or who

Helps you stay fair and sturdy?

Dear Jane,

You give us the answer:

“We know that God is everywhere;

But certainly we feel His presence most

When His words are on the grandest scale

Spread before us;

And it is in the unclouded night-sky,

Where His worlds wheel their silent course,

That we read clearest His infinitude, His omnipotence,

His omnipresence.”

Jane, tell us Who again.

Dear Jane, Who?

“I turned my prayer to thanksgiving:

The Source of Life was also the Saviour of spirits.”


*Citations from XXVII (373)

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