Romeo and Juliet (the movie)

Zoom, Zoom.

Zeffirelli’s film-take on Romeo and Juliet was overall very well done.  From the cinematography to the musical score, the drama of the story was definitely conveyed to the viewer, thanks to the director.  One entertaining, though risky aspect of the film was the classic zoom-in.  (Smell that cheese?…obviously, the director wanted to communicate the passion of the two lovers), BUT THAT FAST ZOOM-IN on Romeo and Juliet’s untameable embrace in the center of the stone-floored cathedral was bubbling nacho cheese well-over the brim of what I would consider as reasonable dramatic effect.

An additional close-up the director incorporated, this one, thank God, not such overkill, was the visual, through Friar Lawrence’s eyes, of that potent purple flower.  Oh, Friar, interesting character…

On subject of him, but leaving the subject of cinematography, I must bring up some questioning about his “holy” character.

Has he sinned?

For he could not stand by Juliet after she awoke from the longest sleep.

Yes, those voices were quite frightful.

But didn’t he suspect her despair?…

Like Peter, who denied the Truth,

Will the friar, denier of Juliet’s fate,

Wail as well, deep in despair?

Repent?  Too be forgiven?

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