Shakespeare’s As You Like It

In comparison to Othello,

Shakespeare turns this outcome around:

“As You Like It” is not death-filled,

In fact, it even has a clown.

The marriages within

Are verily a joy.

The audience get characters

Of lovers testing, coy.

Then Rosalind, quite cunning,

She makes her love, Orlando,

Giver his testimony of the reason

Why he showed up late

To their date, a whole hour after—

But was this all for laughter?

She, some would suggest, doesn’t really mind

And simply pleasures in state.

Although he, deeply, is in love

With her and her fair beauty,

The opportunities she sees

To bestow on him a tease

Are numerous in number,

‘Spite his heart’s bark upon the trees.

The good sir, Orlando,

May not have been raised

As a gentleman (thanks to brother),

Yet he wrestles as in blaze,

Blaze of fighting with a fire

To win by any means;

And look, his very victory

Made Rosalind so pleased.

Pleased she was, and so she loved

Orlando, for who he was:

Not he aristocratic-minded,

But he, Orlando, just because,

Yes, since Orlando truly was


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