Augustine X – XIII

Time for a Poem

When reading Augustine I was,

I was not writing notes.

“Recall I will my favorite spot

On which to blog and post.”

I said these word too trusting

Of my memory so frail;

Augustine therefore, was not bluffing

When he spoke that memory may fail.

For upon finishing reading, I had forgotten

Where my most prized spot resided,

But at last ’twas found within this book.

This topic is a mystery, here’s how it looks:

“See how full of old errors are those who say:

‘What was God doing before He made…earth?'”

Augustine responds, “I boldly declare: Before God made

Heaven and earth, he was not making anything.

[For] if he was making anything,

It could only be something created.

…With an assurance…I know that

No created being was made

Before any creature came into being.”

What a bold declaration, indeed,

To state as fact that God created nothing prior to earth!

This my reaction to the read

Was rash and solely for the satisfaction

That I was right and not Augustine’s write

For I thought, “How can he know for sure?!”

Though the Bible, trusty companion of my heart,

Simply spake to me, the old Genesiac memory:

There was nihilo before the ever-existing One

Created the heavens and the earth.

Augustine verily had Scripture in mind;

I had wearily recalled noth’ but pride.

“There was therefore no time when You

Had not made something, because you made time itself.”

After Augustine’s quote of profundity above,

His following paragraph begins with words of love

And passion, in Dr. Hartenburg’s heart, but frankly, not mine,

Those words are as follows: “What is time?”

Citations: 229, 230

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