Confessions VII-IX

Mercy, Wisdom

“My God, in my thanksgiving

I want to recall and confess your mercies over me.”*


Dear Christ, help us remember


are a forgiving God Who heals

Our hearts

thirst for your mercy, and would be uncreated without


never leave us, and we hope in


“You never go away from us.

Yet we have difficulty in returning to you.”


St. Augustine is, still to this day, leading

Unbelieving people to belief and salvation

Through his loving words of giving thanks

To You, who are allow all mercy in the world.


“For you said to man ‘Behold

Piety is wisdom,’ and ‘Do not wish

To appear wise.’  ‘Those who asserted themselves

To be wise have been made foolish.'”

The Word plucks the string of my beautiful-displayed

But inwardly-rotten heart’s harp.

Lord, You know my many earthly desires

And how I think myself pious and wise.

Yet You have never ceased to give me

A multitude of clean slates,

Despite the limitedness of My “Confessions.”

“The proud saw and were angry.

They gnashed with their teeth and were sick at heart.'”

Rejoice, Lord, in those who are not proud

And make me worthy, who am puffed up.

For how I do gnash the teeth of my heart

At my brother daily, though he loves me so much.

“Merciful Father, [You] rejoice ‘more over one

Penitent than over ninety-nine just persons

Who need no penitence.’”

*citations in order: 133, 138, 134, 136, 137,

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