Symposium II

Socrates Has Lived On

After over two millennia, his words are still read and said.

What has made him so unique?

Yes, what in the Symposium has resonated with generations?

He has sought truth, yes, but many before and after have too.

Did he really stay up all night discussing,

Then live the next day as he does every day,

He went to the lyceum and needed no nap.

But how did he do this, did great Plato lie?

One difference is that he always went barefoot

Few-or-no great, comparable-to-Socrates men did that.

Didn’t his feet burn on the Greece ground, with no mat?

Clearly he will be remembered for much longer;

People will pray and say, “Please, help me ponder

What Socrates meant with this phrase or that!

Dear Lord, what made him so great, quite grand?”

Whether or not Plato lied, Socrates said much truth,

He didn’t know Christ, but prayed to Hera, to the Muse.

Respected in Athens, he questioned so many,

Was invited to parties, ate all the spaghetti.

At least it was said, he would drink

What’er was before him.

How could he do this

And not become boring

When giving his speech–

Maybe he ‘as no dumb whit–

Or maybe just has one

Hell of a strong stomach.


Socrates, my friend, you’re a Mr. E (e for entanglement) 🙂

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