Phaedrus I

There is no doubt that

Phaedrus was flattering himself

When he recited Lysias’ words on love:

“…I am master of myself

And have not been overwhelmed by love.”

Again, “Small problems will not make

Me very hostile, and big ones

Will make me only gradually,

And only a little, angry.”

Yet he, Socrates’ ear’s informer, did speak

Some truths regarding love:

“Have you been thinking that

There can be no strong friendship

In the absence of erotic love?…

We would not care about our children

If that were so, or about our fathers and mothers.”

As well as, “The right people to invite

To a dinner party would be beggars

And people who need to sate their hunger.”

This final wisdom linked my mind to Christ,

Who said, “Go out into the highways and hedges,

and compel them to come in,

that my house may be filled.”

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