Song of Songs

King of Kings

The poetic (and romantic) King Solomon’s Song of Songs seems to allude to the life of Christ.  One key verse that stood out to me in this way was 2:3, “As the apple among the trees of the woods, / So is my beloved among the sons.”  Instantly, this spawned the song lyrics “Jacob!…Jacob and sons!” to come to mind.  The next verses, “I desired to be in his shadow and to sit down; / And his fruit was sweet in my mouth,” if also applied to Christ, could represent Him as a Teacher (whom his audience would sit before) and “fruit…in my mouth” might stand for the wine used in the Eucharist.

An additional verse that possibly foreshadows Christ’s time spend in the tomb reads, “I implore you, O daughters of Jerusalem, / By the hosts and powers of the field, / That you rouse not nor wake my love / Until he wishes” (3:5).  “Daughters”?  Or should one say, Myrrh-bearing women?  “Hosts and powers” might represent God the Father, “my love” could represent Christ, and “until he wishes” very well could mean the 3rd day after His death–when He “wakes” or resurrects.

Although some of these attempts may not fall perfectly in line with the Church’s teaching, this book of the Bible, as a whole, does seem to reach far beyond the description of love between husband and wife in all its extravagant language and into a divine description of a deeper love for Christ. It is interesting to think of this book being read before the time of the Incarnation, by a reader-not knowing the Gospel’s stories of the true Groom and King of Kings.

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