Hearing The Name

Oh Jews, oh council, oh high priest deceived,

“‘Did we not command you not to teach in this name?'”

Those were thy words, conquered by Peter’s,

“‘We ought to obey God rather than men.'”

Then having called for the apostles and beaten them,

“They commanded that they should not speak

In the name of Jesus, and let them go.”

The apostles physically were beaten,

But had flattened their opponents in spiritual victory.

“So they departed from the presence of the council,

Rejoicing that they were counted worthy

To suffer shame for His name.”

What joy they used to celebrate their suffering!

What a spiritual example

Set by the apostles, our forefathers!

That same Spirit Who slewed Satan’s spirit

Works within us when we call on Him!

Having been warned by the persecuting council,

The wise apostles went back to the temple

And every house.  “They did not cease teaching

And preaching Jesus as the Christ.”

Acts 5: 27-9, 40-2

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