6 (Count ’em) Things I’ve Begun to Incorporate

  • Using the perfect paragraph for one paragraph in my last essay.
  • Avoiding linking verbs (in 1 par. of last essay).
  • Supporting every thing I say with evidence (especially in blog posts for CI 100A).
  • Doing form exercises (i.e. I wrote 1 small sentence and planned to expand it a little every day, though I haven’t followed up on it yet).
  • Writing my blogs for CI 100A about of a question(s) I had about the reading.
  • Employing transitional sentences in my last essay.

5 (That’s one more than 4!) Things I Hope to Use More in my Writing

  • Experimenting with the additive style
  • Reading other people’s blogs to “barrow” creative ideas for essay topics
  • Increasing my speed of writing essays by “meshing” concepts and ideas I have much to say on with the actual topic of the essay (especially for timed essays!)
  • Experimenting with the satiric style (this seems like a challenge because being humorous through writing is difficult for me)
  • Writing stronger, more logical transitional sentences
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