Paradise Lost II

Immaculate Fruit…Touched

I am comparing two things.  First, the Tree of Knowledge is like Christ.  Second, Adam and Eve’s original innocence of abstaining from the Fruit (for Its Fruit was not ripe for human partaking) to preserving virginity before marriage.

Oh, that “spirited sly snake” with speech so sly

Led the beautiful virgin-of-sin, the “universal dame,”

Away from the One Whose solo warning

Was to keep the Tree’s virginity intact.

Oh, “Fruit untouched…still hanging incorruptible.”

Forgive them, for they no not what they do.


The voice of one deceiving in Paradise:

“…Whoso eats thereof, forthwith attains wisdom…”

Satan said, “…These and many more causes

Import your need of this fair fruit.

Goddess humane, reach then, and freely taste.”

Thence she yielded to the serpent’s scheme

And having tasted the fruit upon the Tree,

Eve later approached Adam, saying,

“Hast thou not wondered, Adam, at my stay?”

Thus went the speech of this now-lustrous woman,

“This tree is…but of divine effect

To open eyes, and make them gods who taste.”


Now this speech compares to talk of pre-Marital sex:

“…Taste so divine, that what of sweet before

Hath touched my sense, flat seems to this, and harsh.”

(Yea “divine” by sense, but nay from God’s implore,

And “sweet” as abstinence, opp’ of an open, lustrous door.

“On my experience, Adam, freely taste.”

Poor Adam.  Damn sinful seduction to even he of shared race!

So both, having thus partaken, together said,

“Much pleasure we have lost, while we abstained

From this delightful fruit.”

Therefore, they have fallen,

From height of innocence (of all sin)

Down to dark ignorance (of this their first sin).

Then, “Soon found their eyes how opened…

Their minds how darkened; innocence, that as a veil

Had shadowed them from knowing ill, was gone.”


Yet (for freedom) today, You, Fruit that has blossomed from the tomb,

Having infected the serpent, have loved, forgiven even Your first partakers.

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