Leviticus and Deuteronomy Readings

God is With Us!

~ Inspired by Leviticus 10:22-24 ~

Upon Aaron lifting his hand,

As if telling all his clan,

“You are blessed for here is thrice

An offering for God, our sacrifice.”

Then with his brother, he went

Into the Tabernacle–the blessed tent,

Together they blessed their people

Then the glory of the Lord was shown.

From the Lord then came fire!

But why “out from the Lord?”

I wish I had a lyre

To give this dilemma a chord.

This fire consumed the contents

Upon the altar at that moment:

Whole burnt offerings and fat.

What a mystery our God hath chosen.

This mystery, indeed, of divine fire

Still keeps my brain exciting

The idea of why it was used

As opposed to man causing the igniting.

Resuming the Scripture, the words then read,

The people were amazed,

On their faces they fell.

Now I, in my best reasoning,

Conclude divine fire

More clearly shows: Emmanuel!

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