Inferno II

Not a Chance in Hell

Wouldn’t it be frustrating for important things to very seldom be accomplished?  Consider the passage, “Yesterday, five hours later than this hour, one thousand and two hundred sixty-six years were completed since the road collapsed” (219).  The preciseness of this quote emphasizes that this is definitely a lengthy time.  My big question about this quote is Why has the road not been rebuilt?  There are several possible answers to this question.  One is that little motivation exists in hell.  Also possible is that hell has limited-materials and its leaders don’t think rebuilding this road is a high priority.  One more idea is that this problem has never been reported to the ultimate authority that would make this decision.  To expand on this last idea, perhaps no one in hell even thinks it is their responsibility to tell a higher power.  In addition to that, maybe everyone in hell fears that if they take the initiative to report it, they will be punished and blamed—even though they didn’t cause the road to collapse.  Whether or not any of these ideas are true, it seems safe to say: What a crappy government.  The sole concept of living (or eternally “dying”) under a government that is (and whose citizens are) voluntarily incapable of functioning is reason enough for me to strive for Better.

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