Old and New Alike

            The event of Abraham nearly offering Issac as a sacrifice seemed absurd to me when I first read it (I say “absurd” meaning God’s command to perform this seemed random because Abraham and Issac did not appear to deserve this).  Indeed, in spite of the very fact that I worship a God Who offered His son, I was in shock and confusion upon reading this (I can’t imagine how Abraham must have felt deep down!).  A particular verse of this story (a quote by Abraham), however, genuinely transformed my perspective: Genesis 22:8, “ My son, God will provide for Himself the sheep for a whole burnt offering.”  This phrase strongly corresponds to a future instance of God providing His Sheep, or Lamb, as an offering—many years to come from then.  Issac’s submissiveness and obedience to this-his father’s explanation, is conveyed in the end of this verse: “…and the two of them went together.”  The questioning son continuing with his father is much like Christ continuing with His Father, who led Christ to the cross and Christ questioned, “My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken me?”  Perhaps Christ experienced a brief flashback to His very cry to Abraham, “Abraham!…do not lay a hand on the lad…for I know you fear God…for My sake,” (said the Angel of the Lord) before He gave up the spirit, likewise because of His fear of God.

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