After Reading Ch. 2 from FISH’s How to Write A Sentence:

1.  I see the role grammar plays in writing as essential but not as the most important tool or main focus for writing.

2.  Fish’s perspective is new to me because he states that there is only one main rule of writing–make sure every component is clearly related to the others–as opposed to my previously discombobulated view of worrying about many rules.

3.  I feel very familiar with the terminology from this chapter, with the exception of a few words: temporally and taxonomy.


After reading Chs. 1 and 7 from The Craft of Research:

I am already familiar with some of the concepts in chapter one, such as “writing to remember what we read”, but the concept of “writing is thinking”–writing with and for my readers, is something more foreign to me that I am excited to learn more about.  In chapter seven, I recognize the term “claim” and the idea of “supporting a claim” from a critical reading class I took at junior college, but I have never seriously approached the concept of “acknowledging and responding to anticipated questions and objections”–I normally assume the utopia in which my paper will live happily ever after and no one will raise questions to it.

My past of writing reports (in high school) consists mostly of occasional one-page papers on various newspaper or internet articles, as well as a few research papers and oral presentations (products of mine that I had little or no passion for).  In junior college however, I took English 100 and wrote four research papers, each three pages long and having to do with food (the teacher LOVED food and saw it as a common, easy-to-write-about topic).  I learned a lot more about research papers in that class than I did during all of high school.

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