The Aeneid: Books 1 – 6

The Aeneid: Books 1 – 6

Feathers with Faces of Girls: OH MY!

It is curious whether or not the gods will answer Aeneas’ father’s prayers, “Gods…turn back this thing foreboded!”  These prayers were in response to the dreadful Harpy Calaeno’s prophecy, created by Zeus that states, “…But you may never wall your destined city till deathly famine, for the bloodshed here, has made you grind your tables with your teeth!” (p. 74) (imagine that coming from a girl’s face on a monster bird’s body!).  Aeneas’ father’s petition to the gods seems useless, considering the prophecy originated from the gods themselves.  As a result, it is unlikely that his plea will be answered.  The hopeless father tragically begged with arms held out…but on a positive note, at least the sly gang of Harpies didn’t secrete any foul ooze on him, just to put the icing of cruelty on the Trojan’s already-crumbling cake.


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